What should you bring or not bring to camp? Sooner days are are filled with activity.

Be sure to pack enough active wear clothing you can change from once a day, at least. Shower time is in the later afternoon, before dinner. Every night is a more casual setting with less activity as we have social hour, worship and our circle devo. HERE is the daily camp schedule.

If this is your first year at SYC, GO HERE for good insight into what you can expect at camp.

Here is a good list that will help campers prepare for an awesome week at Sooner:

  • Face Covering for 2021. This will not be required at all times, but there may be times we’ll ask for them on.
  • Box fan! Handheld fan is a good idea too!
  • Water bottle or camelbak
  • Plastic tub or drawers to pack your things in
  • Electric fan/extension cord for fan. Bungee cords can be helpful too.
  • Camp chair – if you don’t want to sit in a metal chair during worship
  • Pillow, fitted sheet, light blanket, a top sheet (if you want even lighter coverage in the heat) for a twin bed.
  • Foam mattress pad or a thick blanket to cushion the plastic mattress, if you want
  • Bathmat for next to your bed
  • Wet wipes for your feet when getting into bed
  • Flashlight
  • Music (on your phone is fine) or an instrument if you’d like to participate in social hour in the evening
  • Baseball glove – afternoon sports consists of softball, basketball, volleyball, etc. – pack accordingly
  • Daytime athletic wear – 6 pairs of athletic shorts & 6 t-shirts (one per day)
  • Casual wear for evening activities
  • Athletic shoes and/or shoes appropriate for activities outside during the day. Closed toe tennis shoes.
  • 5 casual outfits for the evenings (we shower before dinner and try to look a little nicer for evening activities… think jean shorts and a clean shirt.)
  • Hat or visor
  • WEEK 2: 1 “Sunday Best” outfit for the Friday night banquet. (most girls wear a dress, skirt or romper, and most guys wear jeans, or khaki shorts and a polo, etc.)
  • Swim suit and cover up
  • Wet wipes for your feet when getting into bed
  • Flip-flops for going to shower.
  • Hat/sunglasses
  • Towels (minimum of 2) for shower and swimming
  • Toiletries- deodorant, shampoo, deodorant, tooth brush and paste, deodorant, etc.
  • Shower caddy
  • Sunscreen and Bug spray
  • Bible (Pen/pencil and paper for Bible class)
    Book, journal, or other quiet time activities if you won’t nap during rest time


Cell Phones: SYC is about spiritual growth and cultivating Christian community. In this spirit, CELL PHONES will be collected on Sunday and accessible for limited camper use from our head boys and girls counselors. It is our goal to unplug from the outside to help ensure a positive week at Sooner.
Appliances: A/C units and/or refrigerators are NOT allowed in camper cabins.

Modesty at SYC

Sooner Youth Camp seeks to help young people glorify God in every facet of their lives. To that end, we ask that campers maintain the highest standards of modesty in their dress.

Please do not bring clothes that draw undue attention to oneself or that are too revealing. SYC was established to provide an environment where teenagers can study the Bible, discern God’s will for their lives, enjoy new and old friends and learn the principles and practices of Christian behavior.

We hope that all of our campers will model good Christian behavior in their speech, actions, and dress.