In order to help reduce the risk of COVID exposure, the following procedures will be implemented for our 2021 camp sessions:

  • Campers will be required to complete an online Health Screening Form prior to arriving in camp. This form will take the camper/parent through a series of questions intended to help ascertain whether the individual has increased likelihood spreading the virus due to many factors, including but not limited to exposure, symptoms typical with COVID, or recent illness. This form will accompany the typical health related documentation that must be completed/signed prior to admittance into camp. The form itself and more information will be communicated to registered campers later.
  • All staff members are required to either be vaccinated prior to camp, or to have a negative COVID test 3 days prior to arriving in camp.
  • Additional hand sanitization stations will be installed throughout camp.
  • Precautions will be implemented during mealtime to limit the passing of food, and return of un-sanitized products to the kitchen.
  • Face-coverings are added to the packing list. While face-coverings will not be required, there may be certain activities in our schedule that campers may be required to wear one.


We’ve cleared the waitlist and increased our camper capacity! We are thrilled to welcome more friends this July as we once again have Sooner Youth Camp. Grab the remaining beds for either week and guarantee the best week of your summer.

Camper total costs go up to $200 beginning June 1, 2021. Any balances left unpaid on this date will go up to the new camper total cost and all deposits at this point are non-refundable.

Registration June 1 on requires full camper payment. No refunds after June 1.