Welcome to your first year at Sooner Youth Camp! We know you’ll love being at Sooner. It’s a unique week filled with friends and God. But, we know going to Sooner for the first time might seem overwhelming or confusing. You’ve never been before and we want to help you understand what your new favorite week of the summer will be like. Here is a guide and glimpse into Sooner that will help you pack and be more prepared.

Here’s a picture of actual beds at SYC from a few years ago.

These are examples of a bed at SYC. We encourage the use of buckets or drawers to keep bugs and critters out of your belongings. They also make excellent props for your fan to stand on. Remember, there is no a/c in the cabins (a/c in the mess hall and bathhouse), so you will want a big fan blowing directly on you when you are in bed. If you want to bring bungee cords, those can be used to hang the fan from the ceiling rafters and point it down on you. Sometimes fans get excited and fall during the night, so bungee cords are helpful to tie them in place even if they are just sitting on a bucket.

Something that is new to 2021 is that no nails or staples or anything of the kind are to be used on the walls of the cabins. The State of Oklahoma completed a major renovation of every cabin and they are now in pristine condition. We want to keep them that way!

Social Hour is the HIGHLIGHT of every day! During this time, you are encouraged to get on stage and entertain the camp. You can sing, play an instrument, make up a dumb skit, tell a joke, make fun of something that happened during the day, etc. If you think you are hesitant to get on stage, I guarantee you will be happy to get up there by the end of the week!

Week 2 has a Friday Night Banquet! Week 2 will dress up a little, enjoy finger foods for dinner (sometimes we eat outside and sometimes we push together one long table inside), have fun decorations, and everything about the night will be a little more special.

Both weeks will take time on Friday to recognize Ideal Campers of the week during social hour (pictured second).

During the day we are active and moving. After flag pole and breakfast we move from Bible class to praise time to team sports. You’ll need tennis shoes you can run around in, athletic clothes and water.

Like any camp, we have our own quirks and special activities. It’s ok if you don’t know what these are! Of course, we look forward to you jumping right in and putting your own personality into everything that helps make Sooner special.

You can check out the full packing list by clicking the link below. It’s a really helpful list. But of course, if you have questions or need clarification, you can contact us.

If you need help with anything in regards to your week of camp, contact your week’s Camp Director.

Week 1 Neil Ferguson
Week 2 Kyle Wewe

It may also be helpful to go through our FAQ page. If you need help getting to Sooner, directions are found HERE. Week 1 check-in begins at 2 p.m. on Sunday of camp. Week 2 begins at 2 p.m. on Sunday of camp.