“SYC has changed my life in such a powerful yet subtle way. Even though I am only physically there for one week a year, it affects the other 51 weeks without fail because of the meaningful relationships that I have developed with my counselors, my peers, and the younger campers who look up to me as an older camper. They are the reason I love Sooner and they are the reason I keep coming back.”

Dani Kocur, Fort Worth, TX

“Anyone thinking about going to SYC can definitely expect to meet some amazing people. It doesn’t matter if you’re shy or outgoing…you’re leaving with new friends and you’ll probably talk to them more than people from your own school.”

Delaina Brown, McKinney, TX

“SYC has changed me forever. Every year I feel like I grow closer to Christ and that he has been renewed in me. The friends you meet here are the type that you will keep for a lifetime and the ones that you can count on for anything. I have made a promise to keep coming back to SYC until I am 19.”

Cheyenne Heitz, Athens,TX

“Friends are something I find very essential in life but as Christians we need to have friends that will be there in a spiritual way. SYC does this very thing and the friends you make will become so close to it’s unreal. Also the counselors and staff at SYC are there to help you throughout the year not just the one week that we are at SYC.”

Haley Westbrook, Grand Prairie,TX

“I’ve only been to SYC three times but each time I go home knowing that I’m a little bit closer to the Lord. SYC is the most amazing place full of the most amazing people. It’s great!”

Tabitha Smith, Whitewright TX

“I love SYC because it has brought me so much closer to God. I love every aspect of Sooner, even the heat and the sweat :D. I am looking forward to this year and I will do my best to get some of my friends to go.”

Hayley Neill, Whitewright TX

“You never meet a stranger at Sooner. Sooner is amazing; it is my second home!”

Clayton Hilton, Athens TX